helpful tips that will help your property look better and save you money.

Best Price Tree Service Tips

  1. Remember, the single best thing you can do for your trees is to be certain that you hire a professional tree company when you need help.

    It can be tempting to hire the first tree care company you find. But by doing your homework, you can avoid scams, save money, and ensure that the work is done right the first time. Doing this could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

  2. Know and understand what your insurance company will and will NOT cover.

    If a tree falls on your house during a storm are you covered by insurance? Generally, yes. If there is damage to your property your insurance policy should cover it. Be aware, however, that if a tree falls and does not damage any building or structure, then insurance usually won’t cover any damage to landscaping or plants. A fence, shed, or deck would be covered.

  3. Mulching: How and Why:  

    Homeowners and professional arborists depend on mulch in landscapes for several reasons. Functionally, mulches discourage weeds from growing, conserve moisture during drought periods, and allow better use of water by controlling runoff and increasing water-holding capacity of light, sandy soils. Mulches help maintain a uniform soil temperature. A 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch can add to the aesthetic value of a garden while protecting the base of trees from being injured by equipment, such as lawn mowers. Mulch rings also decrease competition from lawn grass. Lawn grass, especially when lush, robs trees of valuable nutrients and moisture.
  4. Should I fertilize my trees?

    Trees often require fertilization at some point in their life span. Remember, most trees' natural environment is the forest. There nutrients are continually recycled as leaves and other plants, and even animal material, fall and decompose on the forest floor.
  5. Why limbs fall in my yard, and should I be concerned?

    Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after ice storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that large limb overhanging your driveway?

    One reason trees fail is weak branch unions. Homeowners can educate themselves about tree limbs, but they should call a professional if they are worried about an overhanging branch.

    Trees may suffer from naturally formed imperfections that can lead to branch failure at the union of the branch and main stem. There are two types imperfections that create weak unions: a branch union with included bark and an epicormic branch.
    It is these types of branches that can often cause the most damage to personal propery. Do you think you could have a potential lose as a result of this type of branch? Call us for a free estimate.
  6. When should you trim?

    Oak trees should be trimmed in late fall, winter and early spring before budding to prevent the spread of oak wilt disease.
  7. How far back from a structure should I trim my trees?

    When trimming around buildings we recommend trimming at least 5-10 feet to prevent mold, moisture retention and chaffing to roofs and walls.
  8. Is using a ladder acceptable when trimming my trees myself?

    NEVER climb a ladder to trim or cut trees! It is very dangerous work that should be left to professionals. Call Best Price Tree Service today for a free estimate!
  9. When should I cut a tree down?

    It is much easier and cheaper to take care of dead and dying trees before they cause serious damage.
  10. Is it a good idea to remove a tree myself?

    Get a professional opinion on your trees before you have them removed. The may be able to be saved by trimming or other services.


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helpful tips that will help your property look better and save you money.

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